Using offsite construction in light gauge steel or timber minimises the adverse impact of construction on the environment both in terms of energy requirements and site impact. Module200 structures have a low carbon footprint, high reusability and are built to last.

Reduced energy and material requirements

Lower energy and raw material requirements reduce both financial and environmental costs of construction projects. Light gauge steel or timber framed modules are lighter than comparable alternatives in concrete and masonry, resulting in less weight to be transported. Using efficient manufacturing processes and the use of standardised, precision-engineered parts minimises waste. Structural components and raw materials can readily be recycled.

Minimal site impact

Noise and disruption are kept to a minimum as construction teams spend less time on site. Units manufactured in parallel with on-site work can be lifted into place - fully completed inside and out - as soon as they are delivered. This results in less material needing to be stored on site, less work needed to be carried out on site and less waste material to be disposed of afterwards. Site fooprints can be smaller and vehicle traffic to site can be reduced up to 90%.

Environmental efficiency

Once built, modular structures benefit from superior structural efficiency. Manufactured to far more exacting tolerances than conventional construction makes possible, Module200 is designed to achieve superior insulation and thermal performance, ensuring our buildings continue to minimise their owners' carbon footprint and energy expenditure throughout their design life.


Unlike many structures which are doomed for demolition long before the end of their design life, Module200 structures are recyclable and relocatable, with the units being flexible and portable enough to adapt to be reintroduced different floorplans on different locations.

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