Design Flexibility

Module 200 offers a flexible, architect-friendly solutions in timber or steel. The 200mm party wall dimensions have been chosen to be in line with modern construction norms, whilst a wide range of third party cladding systems are suitable for the exterior walls, leaving decisions about external appearance down to the architect. Consistent and high-quality implementation of the design is ensured through rigorous quality control.

Module200 is optimised for constructing structures of up to 6 stories, but the module design can be adapted to larger structures where required. We have experience of developing light gauge steel framed structures in excess of 12 stories and bracing systems to cope with the most stringent earthquake-proofing requirements

Modular construction is also an effective way of extending and enlarging existing structures with minimal structural alteration and on-site disturbance. This process is made simpler by the wall thickness being consistent with construction norms for party walls and the lightweight, self-supporting nature of modular building units. It's even been possible to add additional stories to hotel buildings whilst the lower floors remained fully occupied.

For volume housebuilders, modules can be built in a variety of sizes to permit larger floorplans, and allow for a wide variety of window, stairwell and internal room configurations. Different module configurations can be used to construct townhouses, apartments and bungalows, including custom modules for dormer roofs

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